What is Restylane?

Restylane is a dermal filler that is composed of hyaluronic acid: One of the essential compounds found in your skin. When skin is young and vibrant, hyaluronic acid allows it to be full and supple, attracting moisture and working in concert with collagen and elastin to keep everything lifted. As you age, your body loses its ability to produce these compounds in the same quantities it once did. This results in dryness, fine lines and wrinkles, deep creases, areas that have hollowed, and loose, sagging skin. With Restylane, lines are smoothed, volume restored, and lips can be enhanced to create a more alluring pout.

How is Restylane used?

Restylane is a dermal filler that, when carefully injected, can soften lines and creases, and restore youthful volume. The practitioner whom you choose to perform your injections is the most important decision you will make when considering volume restoration. Finding an expert injector with a history of sophisticated, natural-looking results is paramount to how your own results will appear. At Blue Illusion Beauty, our master injector has a keen eye for facial symmetry and balance, and an intuitive sense for just where enhancement will help you achieve your aesthetic vision.

The Restylane family of products offers a myriad of options for volume restoration and enhancement including:

  • Creating fuller, more voluptuous lips
  • Refining nasolabial folds
  • Enhancing the appearance of cheeks
  • Restoring mid-face volume
  • Reducing the appearance of under-eye hollows

What is treatment with Restylane like?

Injections with Restylane are quick, easy, virtually pain-free, and can be performed in the comfort of our office.  A topical numbing agent will first be applied to the injection site to ensure your complete comfort during treatment. Then our master injector will carefully administer injections of Restylane to restore volume, add plumpness, and soften the visible signs of aging.


Since injections of dermal fillers are non-surgical and non-invasive, you can return to your normal activities as soon as you leave our offices. You should avoid strenuous activities for 24 hours following injections with Restylane, and it is recommended that you not consume alcohol for 24 hours both before and after treatment. You may experience minor redness, bruising, or swelling at the injection site. This is normal and should subside within a couple of days.

Who is a Candidate?

Men and women who are over the age of 21 and interested in softening the visible signs of aging who are in overall good health may be excellent candidates for volume restoration with Restylane. Women who are pregnant, nursing, or who plan to become pregnant are not suitable candidates for dermal fillers. Additionally, those who are immunocompromised or allergic to any components of Restylane are not suitable candidates for treatment.

Before and After Photos: