The typical chin deformity that most patients seek correction for is a hypoplastic or recessed chin, which may be simply due to having a small chin or a small jaw. The chin should ideally extend to a vertical line dropped from the most protruding part of the midline of the lower lip. When the chin is recessed, the lower third of the face is not in facial harmony, and correction can vastly improve the appearance of the entire face. In fact, a recessed chin can contribute to the appearance of an over-projected nose. It is extremely important to assess the chin and its overall relationship to the face when considering a rhinoplasty procedure. A strong chin can not only contribute to facial harmony, but also contribute to the appearance of a more confident, strong look.

Chin Augmentation La Jolla CaCorrection of chin deformities is most commonly performed with a chin implant that can be placed through a small incision inside the mouth or through a small incision externally under the chin. The chin can also be advanced or recessed through a sliding genioplasty procedure or chin augmentation, which does not involve the use of an implant but involves moving the mandible forward or backward as desired.

At Blue Illusion Beauty, Dr. Mehta is an expert in facial analysis and will discuss in detail with you how chin augmentation or modification will improve your overall facial appearance and contribute to a more youthful, confident look.