Lip enhancement, including injectable fillers and lip augmentation with biological implants, can provide you with increasing fullness and overall improvement in appearance and feel. At Blue Illusion Beauty, our goal is to create overall facial harmony and to provide you with full volumed lips that enhance the rest of your facial features.

Lip Augmentation Treatments

Lip AugmentationTreatments are safe, reliable and convenient because normal activities can be resumed immediately. Repeat treatment however may be necessary to sustain the desired effects. The duration of effect from injectable fillers may vary from 6months to 2 years. Longer lasting procedures include fat augmentation and dermal grafts. Although these are minor surgical procedures performed under local anesthesia in the office, several days may be necessary for swelling to subside. At Blue Illusion, Dr. Mehta is well trained in these therapies and procedures and will discuss with you in detail the expectations and safety of each of them.