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The sun is the number one cause of premature aging, but you typically don’t think about aging when you’re young. You want a tan, and you’ll do anything to get it, including laying in the skin without any sunscreen. If you’re regretting the choices of your youth, we can help. At Blue Illusion Beauty, with locations in Carlsbad, Murrieta, and San Diego, CA, we can help treat and reverse your sun damage so that you can experience the glow of youth.

Can Sun Damage Be Repaired?

Sometimes sun damage from decades ago doesn’t show up until years later, but when it does, it’s all you see. If you’re experiencing the signs of sun damage, we can help you reverse them. We offer different treatments and products that can help improve your skin, reverse sun damage, and help you achieve a more youthful complexion.

Combating Skin Damage With Skincare Treatments

At our office, we offer an effective treatment called the IPL photofacial that’s designed to help address skin damage and improve your complexion. This treatment device delivers intense pulsed light through its handpiece to help address damage in the deeper layers of the skin.

The benefit of intense pulsed light, when compared to narrowband laser light, is that it leaves the skin’s surface unharmed while addressing and reversing damage in the deeper layers. Unlike other skincare treatments that can cause harm or injure the top layer, IPL photofacials will help target and break up the discoloration in the skin caused by sun damage.

What Can I Expect From a Treatment?

An IPL photofacial delivers some incredible results. They can reverse years of sun damage in quick and effective treatments. You can expect each treatment to take 30 minutes from start to finish, and you will be able to resume your normal daily activities once it’s over. You won’t have to plan around downtime or recovery and can even apply makeup after the treatment is over. Many patients schedule their treatments and return to work the same day.

Additionally, you won’t experience any pain during the treatment process. Many laser treatments that resurface the skin require a topical anesthetic before beginning treatment to help the patient maintain comfort. You won’t need any pain medication to undergo an IPL photofacial, but even still, you’ll get some incredible results.

Your Treatment Sessions

Some patients achieve their desired results after one treatment; others require a series of treatments to effectively reverse the damage that’s been done to their skin over time. The best results typically come from a treatment schedule that includes four to six IPL photofacial sessions with three weeks between each. These treatments are quick and affordable and will help reverse the skin damage that has been affecting your appearance for many years.

Am I a Candidate?

If you spent too many years in the sun without any SPF or protection from the sun’s harmful rays and are now paying the price in the form of melasma, hyperpigmentation, brown spots, age spots, or other signs of sun damage, you may make the ideal candidate for an IPL photofacial laser treatment.

Before scheduling your appointment, we will set up an initial consultation to evaluate your areas of concern in person, learn more about your skin, and discuss your ultimate goals so that we can determine whether photofacial treatments are right for you.

Reversing Skin Damage With the Right Products

Using the right products on a daily basis can make a significant difference in helping effectively treat and reverse the signs of skin damage. At Blue Illusion Beauty, we are proud to offer different products from the professional-grade skincare line, Revision. This effective product line has some powerful product formulations that can help improve your skin, brighten your complexion, and reverse the damage that’s resulted from time spent in the sun.

Brightening Facial Wash

A good cleanser needs to do more than just cleanse your skin. It should also help combat aging by exfoliating the skin with a selective yet powerful combination of nutrient-rich ingredients. Revision’s Brightening Facial Wash contains alpha-hydroxy acids that will help exfoliate the skin and beta-hydroxy acids that will help brighten your complexion and clear your pores.

Not only does this cleanser effectively rid your skin of dirt, debris, oil, and bacteria, but it also helps address dull skin that has resulted from damage done by the sun. It can help increase your cellular turnover rate and renew your complexion.

Intellishade Original

Applying SPF to your face on a daily basis can be difficult, especially if you’ve never found the right product with a consistency and texture that pairs well with your foundation and cosmetic products. Revision has created an SPF that applies like a foundation but is also a sun protectant.

This tinted moisturizer contains SPF 45 and will not only protect your skin from the sun’s harmful rays but will also help smooth fine lines and wrinkles and brighten your skin tone. Once you try this kind of SPF, you’ll never again walk out of your house without it.

How To Maintain Your Treatment Results

Once you undergo the right treatments and invest in the right products to help protect your skin and reverse sun damage, you will need to take steps to prevent future damage. With discipline and a commitment to your skin’s health and appearance, you can help avoid future damage caused by the sun and keep your skin looking as beautiful as possible.

Avoid Tanning Beds and Excess Sun Exposure

Even though a tanning bed doesn’t deliver direct sunlight to your skin, it will cause damage. It uses harmful rays that can increase your risk of skin damage and certain skin cancers. If you want to tan, aim for an organic tanning lotion or mousse.

When you’re at the pool or the beach, find shade coverage, and when you can’t, be sure to apply plenty of sunscreen. Reapply every few hours to avoid burning your skin. Your skin will thank you, and you will look years younger because of it.

Wear Sunscreen Religiously

The sun doesn’t just cause damage to the skin on your face; it can also damage the skin on different areas of the body that are exposed to the sun. Your hands, neck, and chest often receive full, unprotected sun exposure on a daily basis because these are the areas that you typically don’t think to apply sunscreen when you’re walking out of the house.

Investing in a good, quality sunscreen that you can apply to different areas of your body will help deliver some anti-aging benefits to the skin in different areas and protect your skin from further damage. Once you make sunscreen application a habit, it will become a part of your daily skincare routine.

Improve Your Skin

If your skin is suffering from years spent in the sun without sunscreen, all hope is not lost. We can design the right treatment plan to address, reverse, and prevent sun damage. Contact us today at one of our Blue Illusion Beauty locations in Carlsbad, Murrieta, and San Diego, CA, to learn more about our skincare treatments and products and how they can help reverse skin damage, perfect your complexion, and give you radiant, bright, and glowing skin.

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